With Green View’s help, I feel better organized and able to understand the big picture of my small business. Laurie is incredibly flexible and able to communicate in many different ways. I am so thankful to have her on my team.
— candice - maker/retailer
— beyonce.
Laurie is terrific—professional, knowledgeable, charismatic. She came to me highly recommended by a close friend, and she never once disappointed. Somehow she made QuickBooks and tax prep fun and even managed to gracefully stomach my insistence on calling my new software “QuickTime.” Not only is Laurie exceptional at what she does, she is responsive across all platforms (emails, texts, calls), willing to bring along even the most novice of business types with kindness and direction, and is clear in her instructions .... The bottom line is this: I never thought I’d look forward to calls from my accountant, but here we are. Laurie shattered my expectations and raised the bar all at the same time. I would recommend her and Green View Accounting to anyone in need of her services.
— Christopher Haugh - Freelance Writer

The first time I met with Laurie I had no real grasp on my financial situation. I’m a new business owner and have almost no business sense - having things seem under control felt a very long ways away. But after a few sessions I feel like I actually have a handle on how I’m doing - my profit and loss statements display meaningful data, my business paperwork is all straightened out, and I have a sense of what I’ll owe on my taxes - it’s really such a huge relief to feel secure in my own business. We are now working on figuring out how much I should charge per hour and per project - based on numbers and data - which as a freelance artist is something I had absolutely no clue how to approach. On top of that, Laurie is super fun to work with, extremely patient, and a generally brilliant person - I’m super happy to be able to get her help with my business!
— Julius Schlosburg - Photographer - Dessert Lover
My experience with Green View Accounting was not only constructive and practical, but also deeply healing. As a metaphysical practitioner, it’s challenging for me to find professionals willing to honor my business and my craft. Laurie was immediately kind, consistent, and impossibly helpful. I felt heard and seen in her presence, like an equal who was supported and cared for. In only three sessions, she completely revamped my entire bookkeeping system, and guided me to a greater level of self-sufficiency and self-trust. I can now proudly say I’m financially well, and have the tools and knowledge to back it up. Laurie has been integral in the success of both my business and my identity as an entrepreneur.
— Chrissy Tolley - Psychic
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Thanks to Green View, I now have official accounting systems in place, and know exactly what’s coming in and going out of my business! Knowing my numbers has been instrumental in analyzing my cash flow, setting business goals, and feeling calm about my revenue. Laurie is very knowledgeable, was patient with me while I was learning the ropes of Quickbooks, and answered every question with a smile and solid solution! I feel so confident with my accounting now that we’ve worked together!
Laurie helped me take my business to the next level! She completely automated my books and was invaluable in analyzing how we could grow and expand. Such a pleasure to work with!
— andy hearst - multimedia artist
I’ve never felt so confident about my taxes. Laurie understands small businesses and how to help.
— justin matthews - photographer